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Welcome to the Yorkshire Wellness Centre in Huddersfield.

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For Adults

Did you know that up to 95% of your behaviour as an adult is determined by subconscious programming that takes place when you are a child? This programming, along with the stresses and strains of today’s shrieking world and life’s challenges, can sometimes lead to increased levels of stress and anxiety and a general feeling of being out of control. Here at the Yorkshire Wellness Centre we provide a range of workshops, short courses and 1:1 therapeutic sessions designed to help you better understand your subconscious programming and facilitate positive re-programming which will lead to reduced stress and anxiety levels and a more fulfilling life.

For Young People

The younger generation of today are exposed to a range of different stressors from a very early age, the likes of which we have never seen before. They are bombarded with digital and electromagnetic information, have to cope with the stressors of a target-driven educational system and complicated family dynamics. This, along with a lack of interaction with nature and outdoor/physical pursuits, is giving rise to an unprecedented increase in mental health issues in our children today.

If your child is struggling to cope then our 1:1 integrative therapeutic sessions can help in a number of ways such as improvements in self-concept, improvements in behaviour, increased concentration and enhanced educational performance.

For Business

Have you ever wondered why you or your colleagues never seem to reach your full potential? We’re often held back by our subconscious demons which prevent us from being our best, irrespective of how competent we are, how many training courses we attend or how many motivational books we read. Our group business seminars and workshops or 1:1 sessions will help you understand what holds you back at a subconscious level and will give you tools to break free of self-depreciating beliefs and behaviour to reach your full potential.

Welcome to the Yorkshire Wellness Centre

Welcome to the Yorkshire Wellness Centre, based at our sister company Alexandra House Spa in Huddersfield. The centre is run by Integrative therapist Mr Alan Whyke and his partner Dr Maxine Stead and is housed in a historic building that has been lovingly restored and revived into a stunning wellness retreat. Through their work, Alan and Maxine strive to help people live a happier, healthier and a more fulfilling life.

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Our ethos and principles

We believe that each individual has the capacity to regulate their own physical and mental wellness.

Those illnesses that are out of the scope of personal healing may need medical intervention.

Our deep-seated belief underpins everything we do at The Yorkshire Wellness Centre.

We believe that our model for wellness is truly holistic in nature .