Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices

Corporate Wellness

Forward thinking employers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy workforce and nurturing a caring environment for their staff.

The economic climate that governs the business world is fast changing, leading to corporate pressures and stresses which in turn are disseminated throughout the workforce at all levels.

Add to this suppressed psychological and emotional energy generated at a personal level such as anger, guilt, hurt, frustration, sadness, worry etc, there is little wonder that cracks begin to appear. Issues such as anxiety, low mood, bad backs, crippling headaches and depression can lead to prolonged or intermittent absenteeism.

The often heard saying ‘leave your troubles at the door before coming into work’ is largely unrealistic as humans are not equipped with a simple on/off switch to the stresses and emotional pressures of life.

Further to this we are often held back by our subconscious demons which prevent us from reaching our true potential, irrespective of how competent we are, how many training courses we have attended or how many motivational books that we might have read.

Here at the Yorkshire Wellness Centre we offer a range of group workshops and presentations to help you and your employees understand what holds you back at a subconscious level and to give you tools to break free of self-defeating beliefs and behaviour to reach your full potential.

We also offer educational sessions to help you and your employees understand how stress affects you physically and emotionally and the importance of self-care in today’s busy world.

As more and more businesses are caring for their employees’ mental health, we can help you as part of your mental health awareness strategy, either for your management team or your individual employees.

Call us on 01484 303786 to discuss how we can help you develop and maintain a healthier, happier and better functioning workforce.