true inner healing comes from within

Bereavement and Living Loss

Death or living loss of a loved one, human or animal, can be absolutely devastating.

Bereavement and loss affect people in many different ways. There is really no right or wrong way to feel during these difficult times. Life can become an emotional rollercoaster, some days you can hit such an emotional ‘low’ whereby your emotions are in control of your mood and behaviour whilst other days you can feel like you are returning to a reasonably balanced emotional state of being, only to be knocked down again.  

Here at the Yorkshire Wellness Centre we believe that there are 5 stages of grieving: 

Stage 1: Acceptance – coming to terms with your loss

Stage 2: Insight and understanding  – what was the learning from the relationship and the loss

Stage 3: Emotional release – experiencing the pain of grief

Stage 4: Investing less emotional and physical energy into grieving and re-investing it into something new 

Stage 5: Finding a ‘new normal’ 

Time on its own is not a great healer. You will probably go through all these stages, but you will not necessarily move smoothly from one to the next or indeed in this order. Very often it is easy to get ‘stuck’, unable to move through some or even any of the stages. 

We believe that coming to terms with ‘what happened’ and true inner healing comes from within. With your willingness and our expert help and advice we can facilitate you moving through the various stages and ultimately finding your ‘new normal’.

Presenting issues

Low mood
Inability to cope with loss
Fear of the future