Nature’s way of indicating that your body is not in harmony

Medical Issues/Health Conditions

There is growing evidence that our genetic make-up is not directly responsible for the development of most medical and health problems, with some scientists suggesting that only 5-10% of illnesses are caused by faulty genes. Taken at face value this is a staggering concept and somewhat hard to believe. That said Science is now demonstrating that the environment in which our cells live affects our gene expression which then leads to either a healthy or a dis-eased body.

If consideration is given to the many diseases caused by addictions, mental health issues, habits, beliefs, habitual behaviour all of which contribute to damaging our cellular environment, then it suddenly becomes a very realistic proposition. These findings mean that we have a much higher level of control over our own health and well-being than we are led to believe.

When your body is out of balance (either physically or emotionally), especially for a sustained period of time, you will eventually become ill – it is nature’s way of indicating that your body is not in harmony. Our bodies function in incredible ways, yet we often do not take proper care of our physical or emotional self and take for granted that our body will function properly without treating it like the temple that it is.

All too often we turn to the medical profession for a pharmaceutical remedy!. Sadly, once the medicine has been used, the symptom returns and you’re back to making an appointment for a repeat prescription.

Because so many medical issues and health conditions are actually psychogenic in nature, the therapies available at the Yorkshire Wellness Centre can help alleviate them in a safe and natural way.

List of presenting issues

Chronic pain
Back pain 
Joint pain
Birthing pain
Mental health


Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety & Chronic Pain

I attended 7th path workshop at Alexandra House Spa at a point in life during which I was dealing with a lot of stress and experiencing a severe back and neck pain which was gradually getting worse despite various physiotherapy treatments.

Attending 7th path programme helped me to understand how my mind connects with and affects my body and enabled me to reconnect with my feelings and understand my behaviour.

This has effectively made me feel more in control as it provided me with coping strategies and assisted me with making changes to my lifestyle and habits. The practice of self-hypnosis helped me to relax and thus improved my sleep and energy levels as well as my mind set. After completing the workshop I felt healthier, happier, more positive and free from the chronic pain I have been battling with for months. Pathway to wellness and 7th Path self-hypnosis are by far one of the best tools for anyone who wants to change their life.