Establishing and maintaining a healthy sexual relationship is not always easy

Relationship and Sexual Issues

Sexual issues are something that ‘we just don’t talk about’. For many couples establishing and maintaining a healthy sexual relationship is not always easy.

Sexual issues within a relationship can sometimes create feelings of shame, embarrassment, guilt, jealousy or even anger.

Talking about sexual issues can be embarrassing for many people, so instead of seeking help and solutions to their problems, they choose instead to suffer in silence when they really do not have to. Issues around sex and sexuality are far more common than first thought.

Whilst integrative therapies cannot cure any disease or organic reasons for sexual dysfunction, they are highly effective in helping to resolve any underlying psychological causes.

Here at the Yorkshire Wellness Centre we regularly work with people who are experiencing sexual issues and understand the sensitivity of the subject regardless of orientation and gender diversity.

We offer a safe, caring and supportive environment to discuss and to help resolve these sensitive issues.

Presenting issues

Female and Male Orgasmic Disorders
Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder
Erectile Disorder 
Female Sexual Arousal Disorder
Fetishistic Disorder
Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
Premature (Early) Ejaculation
Sex Addiction
Relationship Issues


Relationship Problems

After hearing about Alan through a friend of mine, I decided to contact him for a confidential consultation as both me and my partner had several relationship issues.

Needless to say that I was really apprehensive as I had never shared my problems with anyone and felt that it was something that we should work out together.

After meeting Al he made me feel that I’d made the right decision, instead of feeling nervous or embarrassed I felt really calm and able to talk freely. I was given homework to do on a daily basis and small self-improvement tasks. After 3 or 4 mixed sessions of hypnotherapy and counselling my personal confidence started to grow, I also began to develop self-esteem and a much better relationship with myself. My partner really started to notice a difference, we were able to talk openly and honestly about our feelings and hang ups, something that I don’t think we ever did.

I was also amazed as instead of feeling nervous in intimate situations. I started to feel good about my appearance and was able to let go of everything that I’d been telling myself over the years.

We can’t thank Al enough, instead of the quarrels and feelings of awkwardness we are now closer than we have ever been and very much looking forward to making the most of a great future together…