Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices

Pathway to Wellness

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From the day we are born we are constantly recording information from our life’s events and experiences. The learning and emotional content associated with life’s valuable lessons are archived deep within our subconscious mind and form the basis of our beliefs and behaviour.

Experiences such as being brought up in a difficult family environment, early school days, those awkward teenage years, traumatic relationships and events such as divorce and bereavement all cut deep into our subconscious minds. The scars and effects of such events never heal if left unattended. Instead, the memories and emotional content of these events shape the way we think, feel and behave, which in turn creates your own personal reality. 

What is the Pathway to Wellness Programme?

Pathway to Wellness is a powerful self-improvement and personal wellness programme which embraces a multi-therapeutic approach, with the aim of facilitating individual movement towards a feeling of wholeness and wellness.

The Pathway to Wellness Programme consists of five workshops. Each workshop is broken down into two parts.

Part 1 

Includes a detailed presentation and feedback sessions providing insight into:

how we are programmed by events from the past
our mind-body connection
physiological and cognitive aspects and function
therapeutic modalities
importance of self-care and life/work balance.

Part 2

Includes the teaching of the world-acclaimed 7th Path Self-Hypnosis programme. 7th Path consists of several advanced mind, body and spirit approaches all rolled into an easy to use and extremely powerful self-hypnosis programme. The aims are to:

come to terms with your past
reconnect you to your feelings
achieve self-acceptance
forgive yourself and others
promote a feeling of inner peace
remove subconscious barriers and negative programming
learn how to embrace your inner beliefs for self-improvement
provide you with self-hypnotic suggestions for positive future changes.

The Pathway to Wellness Programme reading material consists of a 7th Path guidebook to accompany your self-hypnosis sessions.

You will be required to practice self-hypnosis at home for between 5-20 minutes 3 times per day, so please be prepared to do the self-hypnosis work as well as the workshops if you choose to sign up to the programme. Success is a process that will evolve over the course of the programme, and for the genuine and committed practitioner, it will be a life changing experience.

How might the Pathway to Wellness Programme help me?

We asked previous delegates to describe their experience after completing the process using one word. The following is a list of descriptive words chosen at random:

Liberating            Forgiving              Powerful             Harmony             Embracing           Releasing

Meaningful         Deep                     Challenging         Cathartic              Healing              Emotional

Beautiful              Insightful             Holistic                  Understanding

The techniques that you will learn can be used at any time in your future, so if you find that you are facing a new challenge or situation in your life that you are struggling with, you can come back to the system and work through the feelings and emotions to help you cope with the challenge more calmly and effectively.

How do I book on the Pathway to Wellness Programme?

Please call Alexandra House Spa on 01484 303786 to book your place or to register your interest in future courses. Maximum of 6 people per course.

47 year old female

A really inspiring and life-changing experience

I found attending the 7th path workshops a really inspiring and life-changing experience. It’s been really interesting to understand how the brain works and to understand more about our emotions, feelings and behaviours. Through the process, I’ve learnt tools to help me understand what triggers any frustration or anger and to deal with this so that I get less frustrated with life’s challenges. It’s helped me put to bed some issues from my past that were causing me emotional pain. Attending the course has helped me cope with everyday situations more calmly and it has helped my relationships with others as I am less sensitive to comments that I previously perceived as negative or unreasonable. I now also have the tools to explore future feelings and behaviours (particularly negative ones) to then let go of other emotional baggage that might be spoiling my everyday life and happiness. There were only 6 people on the course which was a good number as I felt comfortable and Alan had time to answer our questions about the process as we went along. I’d recommend the course to everyone – it’s well worth the investment and is something that anyone could benefit from.

53 year old female

“you have given me back my wife”

Having recently completed the 7th Path Self-Hypnosis course, I cannot recommend the course highly enough to anyone thinking of attending. Having struggled with chronic pain from a neurological condition for nearly 20 years this programme has revolutionised my life. I have and am still working on new ways to master the pain rather than the pain mastering me and have a much more positive attitude towards the future. This has been achieved by the no nonsense, inciteful and well delivered course. Al clearly provides you with the knowledge and tools required to change the way you think and react to situations we all encounter on a daily basis and how baggage from our pasts impact more than we think on our present and future. This is all done in a safe, warm and supportive environment, where nobody is expected to reveal more than they feel comfortable with. My change whilst on and after the course has been profound, my pain is under control, my blood sugars have reduced and I have new energy for life. The course does require participants to put in the hard work, but like anything in life the more you put in the more you get out and the result are well worth the effort. My husband would like to shake Al by the hand for in his words “you have given me back my wife”.